ISO 9001


Vertexco - Avivan : distributor for textile auxiliaries

Vertexco is the successor of the former Boehme Belgium, established in 1992 as a distributor for textile auxiliaries. In 2002, we became an independent company through management buy-out (MBO). With the same team we continue to work in the same market segments and with the same principles as before. It is our main focus to provide customers with the best possible service, quality and shortest lead times.

Our factory is located in Menen, Industrielaan 104, where we have installed our production and the quality control. In 2011, we doubled our capacity for production and warehouse, which enables us to stock and manipulate a volume of 750 tons in IBC and more than 600 tons in bulk. This will ensure the fastest possible times of delivery.

Our main activities are the distribution of DyStar dyes, manufacturing and distribution of textile auxiliaries for almost all textile processes, tailor-made compounds for coating, manufacturing and distribution of spinning oils for primary and secondary spinning.

In mid 2009, Avivan was established as an entity for the production and sales of special additives used in the plastic industry. Moreover, Avivan is responsible for the sales and marketing of spinning oils outside Belgium.