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secundairy spinning oils


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Commercial name

Brief description

Avi Fibre Fill GF 50

Fibre fill agent for PET staple fibre

Avi Fil FR

Lubricant for FR PET-fibre

Avi Fil LCS

finish for wool and synthetics

Avi Sin 101

Spin finish component for staple fibres

Avi Sin 128

Hydrophobating finish for PP

Avi Sin 202

PET and PP staple fibre; soft touch; inhibits gasfading

Avi Sin 345

PP staple fibre ; high concentrated

Avi Sin 450

Unifinish for PET staple fibre, cotton type

Avi Sin 610

PET and PP staple fibre; imparts a crispy handle

Avi Sin 720

PET and PP staple fibre with extreme AS effect

Avi Sin 7261

all-round product ; gas fading free

Avi Sin 733

PET staple fibre, wool type

Avi Sin 790

PP spunbond non-woven; imparts hydrophilic properties

Avi Sin RAE

Polyacrylic staple fibre

Avi Sin S-UN

Multifuncional all-synthetic fibre lubricant