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Commercial name

Brief description

Avi Gal AMP

PA leveler for differential dye

Avi Gal BMO

PES leveling and correcting agent

Avi Gal C-ED

leveler for direct dyes

Avi Gal CET

leveling agent for acid and metallic dyes

Avi Gal DCR

carrier for PES

Avi Gal DFN

leveling agent for direct dyes

Avi Gal ERP

Wool/PA leveling agent

Avi Gal ES

PA leveler with yarn affinity

Avi Gal FTR

leveling agent for reactive dyes

Avi Gal MI

migration agent for acrylics

Avi Gal RAM

PES leveling and dispersing agent

Avi Gal RFX

greige dyeing of cellulosic fibres

Avi Gal RTM

retarder for acrylic

Avi Gal TSE

leveling agent for wool

Avi Gal VFN

leveling agent for PA and wool

Avi Gal VFW HK

strong wool and PA-leveling and brightening agent