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Commercial name

Brief description

Avi Compound BAF

soft touch pile adhesive

Avi Compound CEM

abrasive compound for effect and technical application

Avi Compound DOF

dim-out foam compound

Avi Compound EMB

embossing compound for pile materials

Avi Compound FIL

ready made compound for glitter and metallic addition

Avi Compound FR HF Co

halogene free compound for cellulosic back coating

Avi Compound FR-UNI

halogene-containing compound for all-fibres (Foam or Paste)

Avi Compound FR-V6 SE

sublimation free halogene-containing flame retardent compound

Avi Compound FWT

stable foam compound for wall paper coating

Avi Compound Outdoor

Outdoor compound for pile adhesion

Avi Compound SFW

stable foam compound for water barriers

Avi Compound SGL

high luster compound

Avi Compound TCF

first layer compound for water-column applications

Avi Compound TCU

top-layer for water column applications

Avi Compound VM

laminating compound