Spinning - weaving - yarn treatment



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Commercial name

Brief description

Avi Care LDP

Hydrophobic and repellent agent for polyolefins

Avi Fil 110

PP BCF with hydrophobic effect

Avi Fil 305

PP BCF standard finish

Avi Fil 312

PP tapes and standard BCF

Avi Fil 320

PP BCF ; high antistatic effect

Avi Fil 330

PP BCF for all machine types

Avi Fil 335

High concentrated spinning oil for PA-BCF

Avi Fil 375

PP BCF, economical spinfinish

Avi Fil 830

PET (POY / FDY) air texturizing

Avi Fil 850

PET (POY) friction texturizing

Avi Fil PAB 712

standard PA BCF spinning oil

Avi Fil PP 741

standard spinning oil for BCF and CF

Avi Fil PP 743

standard spinning oil for BCF and CF ; inhibits gas-fading