Dyes for textile printing



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Commercial name

Brief description

Dianix Amber AM-R


Dianix Black AM - SLR


Dianix Black AM-R


Dianix Black CC - 3G


Dianix Black CC - 3R


Dianix Black CC - G


Dianix Black CC - R


Dianix Black G Micro Liquid


Dianix Black K - B


Dianix Black S-2B


Dianix Black S-R


Dianix Black XF


Dianix Black XF-AR


Dianix Blue AC-E


Dianix Blue AM - 2G


Dianix Blue AM - 77


Dianix Blue AM - R


Dianix Blue AM - SLR


Dianix Blue BB Micro Liquid


Dianix Blue BG Micro Liquid


Dianix Blue CC


Dianix Blue E-PLUS


Dianix Blue K - 2G


Dianix Blue K - FBL


Dianix Blue PLUS


Dianix Blue S-2G


Dianix Blue S-2R


Dianix Blue S-BB


Dianix Blue S-BG


Dianix Blue SF


Dianix Blue UN-SE


Dianix Blue XF


Dianix Brilliant Blue BG


Dianix Brilliant Blue R


Dianix Brilliant Orange G


Dianix Brilliant Red SF


Dianix Brilliant Scarlet SF


Dianix Brilliant Violet B


Dianix Brilliant Violet R


Dianix Brown S-3R


Dianix Chilli Red SF


Dianix Classic Black SE - 2R


Dianix Classic Black SE - G


Dianix Classic Blue BG


Dianix Classic Blue E - R


Dianix Classic Navy S - 2G


Dianix Classic Navy SE - G


Dianix Classic Orange E - 3R


Dianix Classic Orange SE - R


Dianix Classic Red E - R


Dianix Classic Red FB


Dianix Classic Rubine S - 2G


Dianix Crimson SF


Dianix Cyanine B


Dianix Dark Blue K - R


Dianix Dark Blue P-3RT

Dark blue with high colour yield, wide range of process suitabilitiy, good all-round fastness properties

Dianix Deep Black PLUS


Dianix Deep Blue PLUS


Dianix Deep Red SF


Dianix Flavine XF


Dianix Golden Yellow SF


Dianix Green CC


Dianix Luminous Pink 5B


Dianix Luminous Red 3B


Dianix Luminous Red 3B 01


Dianix Luminous Red 4B-C


Dianix Luminous Red B


Dianix Luminous Red G


Dianix Luminous Red G 01


Dianix Luminous Yellow 10G


Dianix Luminous Yellow GN


Dianix Navy 2G Micro Liquid


Dianix Navy AM - G

Neutral navy blue dye for automotive, with high colour strength for moderate light fastness requirements

Dianix Navy CC


Dianix Navy S-2G


Dianix Navy S-G


Dianix Navy UN-SE 01


Dianix Navy XF


Dianix Orange AM - SLR


Dianix Orange K - 3G


Dianix Orange PLUS


Dianix Orange S-G


Dianix Orange UN-SE 01


Dianix Pink AM - REL


Dianix Pink P-REL

For pale and medium shades, top fastness properties

Dianix Red 4G Micro Liquid


Dianix Red AC-E 01


Dianix Red AM - 2G


Dianix Red AM - 86


Dianix Red AM - B

Red dye with high sublimation fastness for three-colour combinations from pale to heavy shades for automotive. Suitable for alkaline dyeing

Dianix Red AM - FFB


Dianix Red AM - SLR


Dianix Red BEL Micro Liquid


Dianix Red CBN-SF


Dianix Red CC


Dianix Red E-PLUS


Dianix Red K - 2B


Dianix Red K - 3G


Dianix Red K - 3G


Dianix Red P-BEL

Top Red in fastness and process suitabilities

Dianix Red PLUS


Dianix Red S-2B


Dianix Red S-4G


Dianix Red S-BEL


Dianix Red S-G


Dianix Red UN-SE


Dianix Red Violet XF


Dianix Royal Blue CC


Dianix Rubine CC


Dianix Rubine PLUS


Dianix Rubine S-2G


Dianix Rubine S-3B


Dianix Rubine UN-SE


Dianix Rubine XFN


Dianix Scarlet CC


Dianix Scarlet XF


Dianix Sport Red SF


Dianix Turquoise CC


Dianix Turquoise S-BG


Dianix Turquoise XF


Dianix Violet CC


Dianix Violet S-4R


Dianix Yellow AC-E new


Dianix Yellow AM - 2R

Neutral yellow component for pale to medium shades with high light fastness for automotive. Suitable for alkaline dyeing in combination with Dianix Red AM-B and Dianix Blue AM-R

Dianix Yellow AM - 42

Economical yellow component for a wide range of applications for automotive

Dianix Yellow AM - 5G


Dianix Yellow AM - G

High light fastness bright yellow component for pale to heavy shades in combination with Dianix Red AM-B and Dianix Blue AM-R for automotive

Dianix Yellow AM - HM


Dianix Yellow AM - SLR


Dianix Yellow Brown AM - R

Yellow dye with high sublimation fastness for medium to heavy shades for automotive

Dianix Yellow Brown CC


Dianix Yellow Brown S-2R


Dianix Yellow Brown XF


Dianix Yellow CC


Dianix Yellow E-PLUS


Dianix Yellow PLUS


Dianix Yellow S-3G


Dianix Yellow S-4G


Dianix Yellow S-G


Dianix Yellow UN-SE 200 new